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칩스앤미디어는 반도체 설계자산 (Silicon Intellectual Property) 전문회사입니다.


반도체 설계자산 (또는 반도체 IP)은 칩 내부에서 수행하는 기능에 따라 다양합니다. 

그중 당사는 "비디오 IP" 기술 분야에서 국내 유일 회사입니다.

당사의 IP 제품군은 비디오 코덱 제품이 중심으로, video post processing, video frame buffer compression 부터
image signal processing 까지 다양한 비디오 IP를 고객에게 제공합니다.

칩스앤미디어는 고객 및 파트너들이 고성능 멀티미디어 디지털 기기에 관한 소비자 수요를 충족시킬 고품질 IP 솔루션을
개발해 왔으며, 앞선 기술로 무장한 비디오 IP를 세계 유수의 반도체 제조사들에게 제공합니다. 

또한, Total IP 개발사로서의 입지를 굳히고자 Image Signal Processing 등 신규 IP를 출시하고,

당사의 제품군을 꾸준히 확대하고 있습니다.

Company Highlights
설립 2003년 3월
대표 김상현
상장 코스닥
주요제품 비디오 IP (코덱, ISP, Image Processing)

김 상 현 대표이사/
경영총괄 (CEO)

Vaughn College 항공전자학과

'05.05 ~ 현재


이 호 부사장/
서울대 경제학과
'04.01 ~ 현재

전 민 용 상무이사/
연구개발총괄( CTO)

경북대 전자공학과

'03.08 ~ 현재


Steve Sang- Hyun Kim
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Steve Sang-Hyun Kim joined Chips&Media in May 2005 to work for Marketing & Sales of IP Division. He was promoted to lead entire IP division as director in July, 2007 and became the Chief Executive Officer when Chips&Media spun off its SoC business unit in April 2008. He has more than ten years of working experience in Marketing, Sales and Procurement. Prior to joining Chips&Media, Mr. Kim worked for Korea’s leading mobile device manufacturer. He received the B.S.M.E. at Vaughn College of Aeronautics in 1995 and completed MBA in 1997.
Gus Ho Lee
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Gus Ho Lee was appointed as a Chips&Media Chief Financial Officer in January 2004. He is responsible for the company's financial and administrative operations including financial reporting, cost analysis and IR. Before joining Chips&Media, Mr. Lee worked for Samsung Corporation's headquarters accounting team from February 1994 to July 2000. Additionally, he gained broad experiences in the IT industry by working for leading IT companies as financial and administrative manager. Mr. Lee received Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Seoul National University in 1991.
Mickey Min-yong Jeon
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Mickey Jeon serves as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Chips&Media. In this role, he is responsible for directing Chips&Media’s technical path as well as driving the vision of Chips&Media’s research and development activities. He has more than 15 years experiences in designing video codec IP & LSI. He joined Chips&Media in 2003, and in 2007 took the role to lead the entire R&D division. Prior to joining Chips&Media, he worked for C&S Technology as a hardware design engineer for multimedia application SoCs. He received Bachelor of Engineering from Kyunggbuk National University.